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Do I need a Toastmaster?


In many cases the venue may provide the Toastmaster for free or as part of your package, which may be the F&B Manager.  They tend to help with the order of the day and make any announcements necessary.  However, they work for the venue, whereas I work for the Host or the Bride & Groom and in my full regalia, will bring a style and image to your event whilst making sure your day runs smoothly to provide you with that petal perfect day.speeches etc, this is generally needed for the timeline.

If you have any concerns of queries, I am at your call at any time. 


Every wedding is completely unique and I work with you to find out what formalities and announcements that work for you to match your style


As a fully trained Toastmaster and member of the English Toastmasters Association so you can be certain that you will receive the best level of service and a high standard Code of Ethics that we all work with.

Do I need a toastmaster
What I do?


  • I shall treat you and your guests with the utmost respect, kindness and calm. I use humour, compassion and sensitivity to take away any worries you have and to make sure your plans run like clockwork


  • From helping with buttonholes to announcing toasts, to supplying tissues to being your personal assistant and much more I shall be there for you. I will see your day runs as you would like.


  • I arrive at your ceremony location early to your wedding or event to make sure I am there to organise whatever that needs doing and welcome your guests and ensure they are seated.  I can assist with cravats, buttonholes and corsages.


  • I would be the go to person for you, your parents and your guests.


  • Once everyone is seated, I will escort the Bride’s mother to her seat and assist the Bride and Father in to the ceremony and time permitting, will stay throughout the ceremony or service to assist late arrivals are seated.


  • Once I get to your venue I will reintroduce myself to the onsite events team. (Should this be an event ready venue – obviously dry hire events are completely different and I would want to establish a contact with your wedding planner so that we can work together).


  • I will welcome your arrival at your venue and ensure that you have drinks and work with your photographer and or videographer to ensure that they get the photos you have requested whilst keeping everything on track. 


  • I will mingle amongst your guests to make sure they are all being looked after and dealing with any queries on the day and generally make sure they are all having a lovely time.


  • I direct your guests throughout your day to remove any ambiguity, ushering guests as appropriate.


  • Welcoming guests to the drinks reception.


  • Bouquet toss for Single and Un-Married Ladies


  • Preparing the receiving line, in to order announce guests to the wedding party.


  • Grand entrance into dinner, for parents and bride and groom


  • Toastmasters welcome speech - I make any announcements necessary, table cameras, guest book location etc.  Or make sure this is circulated around your guests during your event


  • Toastmaster announcing grace/ Opening Prayer (or a person of your choosing)


  • Announcing all Speech Makers and assist with gifts for your wedding party


  • Ensure your guests are gathered in time to announce cutting of your cake


  • Grand entrances to dance floor for bride and groom


  •  Assisting the Videographer or Photographer where needed or direct your guests to photo booth/entertainment etc. 


  • I co-ordinate your entire event in the style you prefer to receive.


  • This is not an entire list.  You may wish me to review your table settings, put out your favours, check your table decorations, look after a specific guest etc. I work for you and I want you to have the most magical day of your life.  I liaise with you way ahead of the day to see what you would like me to do and equally important understand if you have any concerns to make your day runs without a single hiccup


Why leave the smooth running of your day to chance?


I bring coordination and organisation to your day from the moment your event starts.   


When will I receive my consultation?


We will have a thorough consultation online any time up to 3 months before your wedding or event according to its complexity.

I will take all the details down of your event or wedding and give you any guidance where needed i.e. table plans, speeches etc, this is generally needed for the timeline.

If you have any concerns of queries, I am at your call at any time. 


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