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Weddings are becoming more complex to organise and once you have spent 200 hours odd on planning your perfect day do you really want to leave it to chance that it will all run smooth without anyone taking control of your day.  This is where I can help provide you with a perfectly managed wedding day.

Western / Civil Wedding Toastmaster from £497*

This is for a standard wedding day based in Essex.  Other counties extra costs will apply for travel.  Every service will provide you with a consultation, preparation for the day and your actual event.  As an experienced event specialist I will review your timeline to make sure that your event flows perfectly to suit your style.

Cultural wedding Toastmaster £997

This is for a cultural indian wedding that generally requires a much earlier start and is more complex to manage.

​​Arch of Steel - Price on application

If you would like a real show stopper and have the opportunity to have a welcome like never before with the Arch of Steel carried out by 2-6 Toastmasters, then please get in touch.   


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